Believe it or not, there is more to the BirthdayPak Marketing Platform than sending beautifully printed and personalized Birthday Greeting Cards stuffed with complimentary gift cards from local restaurants, spas, and boutiques.   As if that wasn’t enough, BirthdayPak also provides a digital marketing platform, which ultimately leads to increased traffic on the advertiser’s website.

Once BirthdayPak recipients open their “Pak”, they are asked to go online to activate their gift cards.  By doing so, they opt-in to the BirthdayPak Community and become eligible for remarketing opportunities.  Throughout the 90-day life cycle of the gift cards, BirthdayPak sends messages Premailto “Activators”, reminding them to use their gift cards and to visit the businesses featured in BirthdayPak.  Each of these “Reminder” emails includes the logos of the advertisers featured in their BirthdayPak, which are hyperlinked to their respective websites, making it easy for the consumer to learn more about the featured businesses and to make reservations and appointments.

In addition, BirthdayPak delivers email messages in advance of other holidays throughout the year, such as Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day and Father’s Day, with the purpose of reminding BirthdayPak Community Members of the businesses that made their BirthdayPak possible and encouraging them to patronize those featured businesses in celebration of the upcoming holiday.  Each of these “Branding” emails also include the hyperlinked logos of the featured advertisers, which drives valuable and measurable website traffic to their business website.

BirthdayPak is a proven multi-channel marketing platform that is included in the marketing mix of hundreds of small businesses across the US.  The program delivers a level of measurability and accountability to its advertisers that they can’t get anywhere else, while helping them to achieve the following critical marketing goals:

  • Acquiring a steady stream of uniquely qualified prospects throughout the year
  • Converting prospects into 1st time customers
  • Converting existing customers into frequent and loyal customers
  • Converting loyal customers into evangelists for their business and their brand

To learn more about the digital marketing aspects of the BirthdayPak Marketing Platform visit or about potentially owning a BirthdayPak Franchise, visit, send an e-mail, or call 888-206-0083.