Entrepreneur and mom of two found family-work-life balance as BirthdayPak franchisee.

Lisa Linkowsky is a born entrepreneur. Perhaps it is in her genes or ingrained from earlier days working in her family’s upholstery shop. It led to an interest in all aspects of business and a successful marketing career. When she became a mom and her youngest entered kindergarten, she looked for an opportunity to merge her entrepreneurial spirit, business experience and desire for family-work-life balance. The answer came in 2013 when she received a BirthdayPak in the mail.

A Unique Concept with Proven Success

“I thought BirthdayPak was a unique concept and sent my résumé, then learned about the franchise opportunity,” says Lisa. Without insight into owning a franchise, she initially had some reservations. But Lisa quickly learned that BirthdayPak isn’t a typical franchise and saw firsthand a business model with proven success. “BirthdayPak has been testing for so long and had solid answers to all of my questions,” she continued. “Since it’s not a brick-and-mortar establishment, it was less daunting to start and I was able to recoup my investment fairly quickly.”

Franchise Ownership Success

Lisa was the first BirthdayPak franchise owner and is going strong nearly three years later. She started with two zones (geographic areas within a market) in central New Jersey and now has seven zones. In addition, she acquired four in Bucks county and recently hired an employee to handle territory along the Jersey shore. Another reason for her success? Support provided by BirthdayPak’s corporate office. “Corporate provides different ways to communicate and encourages you to speak with them. They value franchise owners’ opinions and see it as a collaboration. They celebrate success.”

A Week in the Life of a BirthdayPak Franchise Owner

A typical week finds Lisa mostly on the road, meeting with prospective and existing clients to fill her BirthdayPaks with great content. She spends one or two days per week in her home office completing billing, bookkeeping and planning for the week ahead. Lisa enjoys working with small businesses in her community, and she can tangibly show how BirthdayPak is working for them. When customers bring in the gift cards to redeem, she calculates the ROI to show the solid value of the program. It’s the reason she sees a high retention rate – “Clients stay with BirthdayPak because it works for their business,” she says.

As a BirthdayPak franchise owner, it takes real commitment and dedication, she says. But the rewards abound. I meet fantastic businesses, run my own business with flexibility and be the mom I need to be. It’s priceless.

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Lisa Linkowsky, BirthdayPak of Central New Jersey and Bucks County, Pennsylvania

Lisa Linkowsky, BirthdayPak of Central New Jersey and Bucks County, Pennsylvania

Lisa enjoys sending birthday wishes to thousands of women in her community! When Lisa isn’t celebrating her birthday with BirthdayPak, she takes a week-long family vacation over her July birthday. Lisa is pictured with her family on a vacation in Cape May, New Jersey.