we-are-herebdpMaking the decision to own a franchise can be a challenging task. There are many successful models of franchises to choose from, but choosing a business that aligns with personal and professional goals is essential. It is important to choose a franchise with a well-established brand and process, but also one where a franchisee can benefit from an extensive network of support. Knowing a support team is continually in your corner can make choosing a franchise a simpler choice for a first time owner.

Owning a BirthdayPak Franchise wouldn’t be possible if BirthdayPak didn’t lay the groundwork for a successful business model, built on strong support channels. The BirthdayPak brand is an established and growing business, operating in 27 markets across the nation. It’s critical for new franchisees to enter into a brand that has proven systems and processes, as well as comprehensive training and ongoing support.

Here are just a few of the key resources provided by BirthdayPak franchising:

  1. Expert Training

Initial training begins when a franchisee visits BirthdayPak headquarters in Pennsylvania for a few days and is exposed to essential information, including how to effectively build a sales pipeline, present the product, make sales, and build the franchise into a profitable venture. The training is provided by the company leadership and management bringing decades of experience in direct mail, digital printing, database marketing, email marketing, and more.

Training is then furthered by a visit to a franchisee’s local market where a business development expert will advise and assist with successful selling techniques and best practices to help them win opportunities in a live setting, and start them on a path to success.

  1. Tools and Resources

BirthdayPak provides franchisees with the right tools and resources needed to succeed. BirthdayPak built a comprehensive cloud integrated CRM support system that is used to track inventory, sales opportunities, billing, revenue projections, and more!  The system additionally provides useful performance metrics so they can share the results with their advertising clients. When recipients of BirthdayPak are asked to activate their gift cards online, this support software tracks email open rates, clicks to client websites, and any online activity related to BirthdayPak Gift cards delivered in the mail.

  1. Ongoing Support

The BirthdayPak production team handles all print, design, advertiser creative, production and publishing processes, which allows franchisees to spend a majority of their time growing customer relationships, and building advertiser partnerships throughout their territory. The BirthdayPak support team is readily available with quick response times to any questions, advice, or concerns.

Additional sales and growth support is available throughout the network of franchisees in a forum setting that meets regularly through teleconferencing and social media.  This valuable network support allows new franchisees further insight into growth opportunities and strengthening their business from others in the field facing similar challenges and successes. With BirthdayPak, support and guidance comes not only from the corporate home office, but from their peers to help franchisees continue to succeed.

BetsyBeing new to the franchise world has been an incredibly interesting experience. For the past 17 years, I have been running a private business on my own. The franchise opportunity brings with it so many perks – high-level guidance, a team of developers with their eye on future trends and improvements, talented staff providing tools and support necessary for the project. I feel lucky and blessed to have this team of talent standing behind me and the BirthdayPak product! – Betsy Pierre, Owner of BirthdayPak of Minnesota

With a cumulative total of more than 50 years of direct mail experience, each BirthdayPak franchisee has been carefully selected, which has attributed to the continued success of the BirthdayPak business model and culture. If you or someone you know has an interest in learning more about this exciting business opportunity, please visit us at www.BirthdayPakFranchise.com, call 888-206-0083, or email Franchising@BirthdayPak.com.