This concept, though not entirely new, has expanded and evolved to include individual “foodie” towns or cities. These towns are known to have a large array of restaurants, from an intimate mom-and-pop BYOB to luxurious destination restaurants. Food ranges from the trendy and creative conceptions of young culinary artists to classical dishes from world trained and renowned chefs. Although these towns may drastically vary, they all have one thing in common: they bring in customers who want to experience and eat fantastic food.


BirthdayPak primarily caters to affluent consumers and their local dining establishments. These upscale businesses generally align with the characteristics that embody a “foodie” culture. The restaurant industry makes up 66% of the gift cards that recipients receive in their BirthdayPak.  A “foodie” seeks more than a delicious meal when eating at one of the fine-dining locations; they also wish to gain a unique and fulfilling experience. When celebrating their birthday with BirthdayPak, a “foodie” is experiencing their special day at possibly one of their favorite locations, or a contemporary place they have been looking forward to trying. Providing gift cards, instead of coupons, BirthdayPak appeals to this exclusive demographic. According to, the number one place where consumers spend gift cards annually is in restaurants at 32%.

foodie-generation_0In addition, the National Restaurant Association ® reports that households with incomes of $100,000 or more account for 36% of spending on fine dining.  Since BirthdayPak is delivered to consumers with similar household incomes, they are more likely to recognize the high-quality restaurants, and become a future best customer; even after they use the gift cards they received to celebrate their birthday.  As a franchisee of BirthdayPak, a “foodie” town is the ideal market for growth and success, with already established and popular restaurants bringing in a constant flow of consumers who have made fine dining their hobby.

The “foodie” town truly is the best fit for a booming BirthdayPak franchise! If you or someone you know has an interest in learning more about this exciting business opportunity, please visit us at, call at 888-206-0083, or email