Franchise Owners List the Top 5 Skills and Traits for Success

BirthdayPak has become a wildly successful national franchise in just three years, and continues to grow! Franchise ownership has become increasingly popular, and according to a recent survey, 41% say it’s appealing given the opportunity to be your own boss with an already established business concept. Here’s a look at the top 5 traits a few successful BirthdayPak franchise owners possess, and how you can move your career to a different path.

Brandon Baltz, owner of BirthdayPak franchises in Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessee

Brandon Baltz, owner of BirthdayPak franchises in Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessee

Innate Sales Strength and Business Interest. Some BirthdayPak franchise owners previously owned businesses or grew up in a family of entrepreneurs, and others come from the corporate world. No matter the background, an interest in business is essential, says Lisa Linkowsky, owner of BirthdayPak of Central New Jersey and BirthdayPak of Bucks County Pennsylvania. Brandon Baltz, owner of multiple BirthdayPak franchises located in Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessee adds, “owners need to have what it takes to sell and be a people person.”

Entrepreneurial Drive. Some call it passion, dedication, and giving blood and sweat. It’s the stuff BirthdayPak franchise owners are made of, and what keeps them motivated to continue achieving their goals and garnering success.

Ability to Overcome Objections. Dealing with objections is one of the biggest challenges for BirthdayPak franchise owners. “You must be persistent and never take a ‘no’ as ‘never,’” says Kerry Neujahr, owner of BirthdayPak of Orlando. “You will hear ‘no’ more than ‘yes’,” says Baltz. “But don’t be afraid to look for those windows of opportunity, even if that means walking in the back door of a restaurant at 9:00 a.m. as they are getting deliveries.”

franchise_woman_reduced_wrinklesGreat Listener and Ability to “Speak Their Language.” “It’s about listening, finding out what the client values and taking a more educated approach,” says Baltz. When he walks into a business, he positions himself as a consultant and leaves the canned sales pitch at the door. His goal is to set up a long-term relationship and establish BirthdayPak as the “birthday club” for the business’s customers. To do this, franchise owners need to translate the positive impact of BirthdayPak on the business’s bottom line, in terms of growth sales and cost structure.

Collaborative Mindset. A successful BirthdayPak franchise owner has an expansive network of contacts, and knows where opportunities lie. “If I don’t know them, I know who does,” says Baltz. And with BirthdayPak, you’re joining an experienced team of franchise owners and all the tools, resources and support of a national brand by your side at every step. BirthdayPak provides numerous ways to collaborate, and discuss challenges and best practices, says Linkowsky. In fact, she and Baltz created a franchise forum, serving as a conduit between franchises and corporate to provide feedback and additional support.

Do you have what it takes to run a successful franchise and aspire to own your business? Excited to learn more? Watch this video about BirthdayPak franchise ownership and find out what markets are available.