0331_worklife-800x480 copyAchieving a better work-life balance is often cited as one of the main drivers behind a person’s decision to invest in a franchise business ownership model. The established brand strength that comes with franchise ownership offers the support, resources, and sense of community that few corporate careers provide. With the right attitude and determination, owning a franchise can lead to financial security, scheduling flexibility, and the ability to be your own boss. These features are often challenging to find in corporate America and are key factors that help establish a healthy work-life balance.

ThinkstockPhotos-178906749_Negative_StressA study by Workplacetrends.com (2015), reported that 45% of employees feel that they don’t have enough time for “personal activities.” Hours worked in many career environments often extend beyond the typical forty as a career progresses and the work-life balance scale is often unevenly tipped. Franchise models, such as BirthdayPak, often attract entrepreneurs looking to leave the corporate world, specifically those with a marketing, advertising, and sales background.

Owning a BirthdayPak franchise allows entrepreneurs to control their business and create their own success. BirthdayPak franchisees choose their team members and create their own internal culture by setting goals and exercising the creativity needed to attain those goals.  A BirthdayPak franchisee works close to home, creating and maintaining relationships with businesses in their community. This leads to Basic RGBflexibility when creating a schedule and accomplishing the goal of a healthy work-life balance that works for their family and lifestyle.

BirthdayPak is an award-winning marketing platform that brings local upscale businesses together with their best customers. The BirthdayPak business model has proven to be successful through the convergence of trusted cooperative direct mail and cutting edge digital marketing. BirthdayPak targets affluent female consumers that are celebrating their birthday and live local to the upscale business featured in their BirthdayPak.

Are you a seasoned sales and marketing professional who wants to develop their own business and be their own boss with the support of a successful business model?  If so, you can learn more about this exciting business opportunity by calling 888-206-0083 or sending an email to Franchising@BirthdayPak.com.