“A wonderful surprise!” “Even more of a reason to celebrate with friends!” “A birthday treat!” These are just some of the sentiments coming through the reviews (rated nearly 5 stars) from the loyal consumer base on the BirthdayPak Facebook page. As BirthdayPak expands into more markets nationwide, the list continues to grow and consumers are that much happier when their birthdays come around, thanks to the BirthdayPak mailer.

The Reviews Speak for ThemselvesIGPost

Leah C. says, “I can’t wait to visit each place! I am so excited, most people forget my birthday! WOW, I feel special this year. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!!!!!”

BirthdayPak allows recipients to experience again tried-and-true establishments, as well as try some new restaurants that may have been on their list. Claudia B. says, “I wondered what I had gotten in the mail, and when I opened it, what a great surprise! One of the certificates was to my very fav restaurant and two I had never tried but wanted to. Two of the others were old favorites that I had not been back to in a while.”

BirthdayPak recipients are sharing their experiences on social media and signing up friends so others can enjoy the benefits as well! For some, they look forward to receiving their BirthdayPak year after year and continue to thank BirthdayPak and its business partners for the memorable experiences. Whether it’s a massage or lunch with friends, BirthdayPak recipients are excited to use their gift cards to jumpstart or incorporate into their birthday celebration. Lynn F. says, “What a great gift! I loved every one of the restaurants and the gift cards are very generous!” [Read more BirthdayPak Facebook reviews.]

UntitledBirthdayPak Strategy: Gifts Cards vs. Coupons

Feedback usually notes ‘gift cards,’ which is exactly what the BirthdayPak mailers contain – gifts to high-end local restaurants and spas that can be used like cash, and taken right from the mailer and placed directly in a wallet. The gift card approach is different from one using coupons in two important ways: Coupons usually are limited to a certain product and have a “cheapened” perception that might be a detriment to high-end brands.

About BirthdayPak
BirthdayPak utilizes targeted direct mail and an integrated, engaging digital component strategically to engage with high-end female consumers. This combination yields higher than average response rates for many business partners, helping to take their business to the next level. BirthdayPak has been ranked as a top new franchise by Entrepreneur, and is now coast to coast.

BirthdayPak is expanding into new markets by awarding new franchises.  To learn more about this lucrative franchise opportunity, please call 888-206-0083 or email Franchising@BirthdayPak.com.