BirthdayPak integrates compelling direct mail with a personalized online experience that engages the recipient with valuable offers from the best businesses in their local area.

BirthdayPak engages influential women with the spending power to become the advertiser’s best customer, but how?

BirthdayPak is delivered to affluent women living local to the advertiser at the exact moment when they are most receptive: as they make plans to celebrate one of life’s most memorable moments…their birthday!

Step 1: The Engagement
The engagement begins with the arrival in the mailbox of the beautifully printed and highly-personalized BirthdayPak during the recipient’s birthday month. The look and feel of the package, combined with its timely arrival, assures that it gets opened!

Step 2: The Activation
Once the BirthdayPak is opened, women find valuable personalized promotional gift cards and instructions for a simple online activation process.

Step 3: Happy Birthday!
Once activated, the gift cards from an exclusive group of local retailers including restaurant, day spas, clothing boutiques, jewelry stores and more, can be used to celebrate with family and friends!

Step 4: BirthdayPak Community10 Days Expire Email
Through a simple and personalized experience, the women can also continue their celebration by opting-in to the BirthdayPak online community.  Being a BirthdayPak community member assures them of receiving timely electronic communications from BirthdayPak on behalf of the local businesses featured in their BirthdayPak as well as guaranteeing they will receive BirthdayPak on their birthday the following year.

BirthdayPak is a unique and powerful multi-channel marketing platform that helps local businesses connect with their best customers.  BirthdayPak is rapidly expanding across the United States through franchising.  Please visit, call 888-206-0083, or email to learn more.