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One of the biggest challenges that restaurant owners face is how to bring in and retain customers. While bringing in new customers is a challenge in itself, bringing them back to your establishment as loyal and repeat customers can be the key to successful business.

A popular way to boost return business throughout the year is to invite your customers to celebrate their birthdays at your restaurant. According to the National Restaurant Association (NRA), nearly 70% of consumers already dine out to celebrate birthdays. Why shouldn’t they come celebrate at your restaurant and bring along their family, friends, and colleagues?

Personalization is a key concept to any successful marketing strategy. If you can connect with your customers on a personal level, especially at a time when they feel special, you can create a lasting impression. This is where the customized and targeted offers of BirthdayPak come in.


BirthdayPak is an award-winning marketing platform that brings local upscale businesses together with their best customers. Through a powerful convergence of personalized direct mail and cutting edge digital marketing techniques, BirthdayPak effectively creates first time engagements with upscale businesses and an exclusive group of affluent consumers. BirthdayPak delivers gift cards to affluent women living local to the advertiser on their birthday! BirthdayPak recipients are then encouraged to activate their gift cards online, becoming a member of our online community, opening the door to multiple digital marketing opportunities and reminders to become repeat customers.

A case study of one a BirthdayPak casual dining client reported $22,059 in total revenue over a 6 month period, with a gross profit of $4,413. BirthdayPak gift cards were sent to 1,000 affluent women in this area, featuring a $25 gift card to this establishment each month.

“We joined BirthdayPak two years ago and found that regardless of the time of year, the response has been extremely steady.  Not only that, but with the matrix by which clients are targeted, we see primarily new customers entering our establishment, and many of them are bringing friends along to celebrate their birthday.” – Tom N., BirthdayPak restaurant client in Southwest Florida

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