Guest Blog Written by Paul Berman, CEO of BirthdayPak

With Independence Day coming up tomorrow, how can you free yourself from all those fleeting thoughts, delusional dreams, and pointless planning, rarely acting on the things that you say are REALLY important to you?

3-33-75 It

I believe this math to be directionally correct.

  • Having your goals, dreams, and desires in your mind, they will only be accomplished 3% of the time.
  • Write them down and keep them visible (post on the wall in your office, bathroom mirror, refrigerator door, background on your computer or cell phone, somewhere where you CAN’T miss it) = 33% achievement.
    • These goals are achieved 11x more just by having them in front of you.
  • Written down and having an “accountability partner,” = 75% achievement!

That’s a 25X advantage – nice right?

Here is a good trick on that piece: share your goal with someone else and when you reach it, THEY get the payoff.

Think about the pressure from your child or children then when you lose those 20 pounds (where did that extra weight come from anyway?). Let’s say that you promise to take them to Disney World. Think that they might hold you accountable?

When stuck, it’s nice to begin with a listing project of where you want to be in 12-months. In my experience, that’s how long it takes for significant changes to happen. It’s the GREAT TIME RIPOFF. We lack discipline and simply give up too soon.

Select just ONE GOAL that you want to tackle that will have a big impact in your life. Get started by 3-33-75ing it!