As the BirthdayPak franchise continues to grow as a national brand with just over 20 franchisees, one thing is certain: Communication can be challenging, but is essential. BirthdayPak is committed to providing the utmost support and being engaged with its franchise owners, recognizing that it creates success. That’s why the BirthdayPak Franchise Forum was formed and gathered again for a second meeting at our headquarters in Pennsylvania. The Franchise Forum consists of a representative group of four franchise owners who serve as a sounding board between corporate and franchisees, bringing to light collective concerns and questions.

The Role of the BirthdayPak Franchise Forum: Representing the Collective Voice

The Franchise Forum started in September 2016 with two main channels of communication: A Forum-led monthly franchisee-only conference call and another call with the Franchise Forum and BirthdayPak CEO Paul Berman. The franchisee call stimulates informal discussion so that all voices are heard, and the call with Paul Berman prioritizes areas of focus to move forward initiatives that improve the franchise. The latter also provides opportunity to discuss potential business changes that are difficult to facilitate within a large group, such as a mailer redesign. Lisa Linkowsky, owner of BirthdayPak of Central New Jersey and Bucks County, Pennsylvania and a founding Franchise Forum member, cites a “100% increase in communication.”

The BirthdayPak corporate office encourages the Franchise Forum, with Berman championing the effort. “At BirthdayPak our core pillars are sales driven culture, open and honest communication and collaboration. Last week we had a meeting between our leadership team and our Franchise Forum – the meeting was a 10,” says Paul Berman. “Betsy Pierre from our Minneapolis market summarized the meeting best by saying that BirthdayPak is on the cusp of National Greatness.”

A Culture of Collaboration and Strong Relationships

BirthdayPak is built upon strong relationships, and the Franchise Forum is an important link that reinforces the connection between franchise owners and corporate. The culture at BirthdayPak helps guide these strong franchise relationships, and values collaboration and open, two-way communication. This invaluable input has resulted in improvements across a variety of areas that is bringing success to the BirthdayPak franchise.

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