BirthdayPak partnered with top-notch market research company, Research America, to gain valuable feedback that would help improve the BirthdayPak experience for the recipient.  The first part of the research project was a digital survey with key questions and it was sent to a group of BirthdayPak community members.  Below are the results:

Initial Reaction to BirthdayPak

  • 77% of recipients surveyed were delighted to receive BirthdayPak for the first time
  • 89% thought BirthdayPak was unique compared to other birthday offers they receive

Gift Card Redemption

  • 92% of recipients surveyed were comfortable using the gift cards the first time
  • 76% used 1-4 gift cards
  • 92% are very/somewhat interested in receiving digital offers from BirthdayPak for other key holidays

Dining Out  

  • 98% recipients surveyed used the restaurant gift cards
  • 99% prefer to receive restaurant gift cardsDine out
  • 86% dine out on their actual birthday most or every year
  • 99% dine out to celebrate a friend or family member’s birthday every year

The second part of the BirthdayPak research project consisted of two live focus groups. The participants were not located in an area where BirthdayPak is currently offered. For this discussion, each participant had never heard of BirthdayPak and was given a mock-up BirthdayPak that included customized gift cards for establishments located in their local area. Below are the results:

  • The majority of participants indicated that they would open BirthdayPak if they received one in the mail. The personalization and thick card stock lead to the perception that the package is not junk mail and might include something valuable.
  • Upon reviewing the gift cards, nearly all respondents said they would be highly likely to redeem the gift cards and would activate them.
  • Some were likely to redeem since they had previously visited the establishments. Others indicated that they liked that there were some they were not familiar with and the gift card would be an excuse to try a new restaurant or service.
  • Both groups preferred dining options over all other categories. More specifically, they favored local independent dining, but would enjoy high-end chains if they have a location in their area.

While restaurants tend to be the most preferred category for BirthdayPak, the upscale spas and boutiques were the second and third most requested and redeemed gift card categories.   BirthdayPak creates an experience for its recipients and brings transactions to the registers for its advertisers. For more information on how your business can be featured, please call 888-544-3872 or visit