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Where do you see yourself in one year? The New Year is a great time to reflect on 2018, set goals and focus on new opportunities to get ahead in 2019. Think about your priorities, hopes and dreams. Do you desire to be your own boss and never miss an important life event again?

BirthdayPak franchise owners were once in your position, exploring options and entrepreneurial opportunities that come with work/life balance. We spoke to four franchise owners in different stages of their career to learn about their goals and focus in the New Year. Our hope is that the following provides a glimpse into franchise ownership life, inspires you to consider a new direction and pursue your dreams. You could be well on this path by the end of 2019!

Newest Franchise Owner at BirthdayPak:
Dawn Zepeda, BirthdayPak of Las Vegas

IMG_2564_REV What was your big success in 2018?

“My big success in 2018 was becoming the owner of BirthdayPak of Las Vegas. My background is in corporate finance and accounting, which inspired me to make my dream of becoming an entrepreneur come true. I am launching two zones in January and excited about what is to come!”

 What is your focus/goal for 2019?

“My franchising goal for 2019 is to open another four zones by the end of the year. I’m looking forward to forming new partnerships/friendships. Ultimately my success will be their success as well.”

How are you setting yourself up for success in 2019?

“I’m driven by seeing my clients reach their goals and partnering with them is the ultimate win-win. I’m approaching my BirthdayPak clients the same way I managed large corporate teams: If you want to succeed, put your team first and help them feel part of that success as well.”

What is keeping you motivated?

“Just waking up in the morning and knowing that I’m an owner is motivation like I’ve never experienced. I know I’m going to leave a legacy behind – something I started from the beginning and am making a success.”

Steady Pace After 3 Years:
Betsy Pierre, BirthdayPak Franchise Owner of Minneapolis/St. Paul

BetsyWhat was your big success in 2018? 

“I’ve been a franchise owner for almost three years, and I’ve been building my market a couple of zones at a time as I’m also working on other businesses to diversify my project space. Given my situation, I’m happy with my progress of opening a couple of zones each year. One of the reasons BirthdayPak has been performing so well for my clients is because it’s so unique and different.”

What is your focus/goal for 2019?

“I’m excited about opening another 2-3 zones and focusing on managing existing client relationships. There’s a lot of competition for advertising and it’s important for my clients to know they’re always top of mind.”

What improvements would you like to see?

“As a member of the Franchise Forum, we’ve made a concerted effort to formalize templates for conducting effective franchisee meetings. We are also very excited about testing a mailer redesign concept.”

What is keeping you motivated?

“BirthdayPak’s voice has been growing louder nationally. We’ll be celebrating the 10-year anniversary in Nashville in Fall 2019. BirthdayPak corporate and other franchise owners have been very supportive. The more we support each other, the more we’ll see even greater success!”

Four Years of Franchise Ownership:
Lorie Marrella and Megan Cavanaugh, BirthdayPak Franchise Owners of Delaware Valley

Lorie & Megan with Randy, General Manager at JB Dawson’s

What was your big success in 2018? 

“We restructured our sales strategy by trying new tactics such as a drip campaign to past and potential clients. The emails and postcards, combined with in-person follow-ups, provided multiple channels and touchpoints. We gained 12 new clients in a three-month span.”

What is your focus/goal for 2019?

“We’re going to fill advertising spaces in our 13 zones and consistently show advertisers how valuable BirthdayPak is. Nurturing our clients is becoming a proactive process, and we’ll show them how much they are making after expenses.”

What improvements would you like to see?

“Many improvements are in process. The drip campaign was very successful and corporate employees will be shadowing franchise owners to ‘get a look inside’ the sales process and generate new ideas to help support us.”

What is keeping you motivated?

“Teamwork – Megan and I talk or text every day and meet weekly to bounce ideas off one another. Our salesperson’s feedback also boosts me up,” Lorie says. “I get very excited when I see the number of cards collected and positive numbers on the redemption reports. I can’t wait to share the good news with clients,” Megan says.

New Year, New Opportunities in 2019

Make a change and a New Year’s resolution you can keep – define your goals and find out what motivates you. If you’re sales-minded, enjoy seeing people succeed and dream of being an entrepreneur, franchise ownership could be your next calling. To learn more about BirthdayPak franchise opportunities, call 888-206-0083.