When thinking about buying a franchise, you likely have a list of must-haves to check off as you narrow down the options to find your perfect match. There are a number of areas to consider: the business model, the history of the company, costs, and perhaps locations and employees. Most important of all, yet sometimes overlooked? A positive franchise culture. When culture is a focus, performance, employee commitment and customer satisfaction follow. Below are four questions to ask to get a sense of the franchise culture and determine if the values of a franchise align with that of your own.

Top-Down or Bottom-Up Communication Style?

As you perform due diligence on a franchise, franchise owners will provide the best feedback and insight into the communication style. Does leadership listen to franchise owners and have an advisory board or forum? Are customers surveyed and what are people saying about the company? An environment of open dialogue and transparency with franchise owners is important, and contributes to increased happiness and success.

How Are Franchise Owners Supported?

Successful franchises have effective support, resources and training. This could be in the form of field support, meetings, marketing, a help desk and mentoring programs – to name a few. Having a robust onboarding program will help get new franchise owners up and running quickly. Ongoing support provides guidance to make the most of client interactions and help move them through the buyer’s journey. How responsive is the corporate staff to franchise owner needs? Franchise owners should get the answers they need quickly, and tools and materials to support their efforts.

 Are Franchise Owners Shown Appreciation?

Franchise owners are on the front line and hustling to make the business a success. It’s important that they are recognized, even if it’s a simple thank you. Some franchise owners receive awards or reap rewards with incentive-based sales programs.

Is the Franchise a Team?

The franchisor and franchise owners are partners – and their joint success depends on the success of the other. Is feedback encouraged on issues and support built around new programs before they are launched? Are new and struggling franchise owners mentored? Does everyone rally around shared goals, a mission and core values? Is there mutual respect and trust? Do employees and franchise owners know what is expected of them individually and together? A successful team creates a successful brand. The brand is built on a strong relationship between the franchisor and franchise owners.

Partner with a Franchise That Values a Positive Culture

At BirthdayPak, we work hard to instill a positive company culture, and believe it’s the reason we continue to grow. BirthdayPak also has clear goals, a core focus and values that support the brand.

Our Core Focus has two parts: Our Purpose, “Connecting businesses with consumers through tasteful gifting,” and Our Niche, “Helping businesses succeed and consumers celebrate life.” Our core values support our core focus:

  • Deliver WOW to businesses by providing them with a top-notch gifting platform to help increase salesDeliver WOW to consumers by sending them special gifts to help them celebrate a life event, their birthday.
  • Own it, Bring it, and True to Our Word are what we do to accomplish Delivering WOW. All BirthdayPak employees, franchise owners and clients must “own it” (be accountable, take responsibility), “bring it” (work hard, be enthusiastic and diligent), and be true to their word.

BirthdayPak also believes in a collaborative team environment with second-to-none support and marketing to achieve sales goals. Franchise owners benefit from incentive-based sales programs and top performing franchisees are recognized on monthly network calls.

Does the culture at BirthdayPak sound like your perfect franchise match? Do our values reflect your own? If yes, we want to connect! We’re looking for passionate and dedicated franchise owners for these available markets. To learn more, contact 1-888-206-0083.