It can be difficult to find a career that provides flexibility during work hours to spend more time with children or care for aging parents. Difficult, but not impossible. If you’re dreaming of an opportunity that strikes an ideal work-life balance, franchise ownership at BirthdayPak can help make that dream a reality. As a franchise owner, you get the best of both worlds – professional fulfillment and the ability to build your schedule around your family. Our working parents discuss how franchise ownership provides flexibility and other benefits that improve family life.

You Set Your Priorities and Schedule

Establishing your priorities and working around them is a key benefit to franchise ownership at BirthdayPak. Because there are a host of reasons that your family needs you – kids get sick, parents need to be taken to appointments or you never want to miss another important life event again. However, more than half (56%) of working parents say it is difficult to balance the responsibilities of their job and that of their family. And nearly half (47%) are part of the “sandwich generation” – having a parent age 65 or older and still supporting a child.

As opposed to a conventional job, franchise ownership can provide personal freedom with hours that suit you and all the roles you need to fulfill in life. As an example, Lisa Linkowsky, BirthdayPak franchise owner of central New Jersey and Bucks County, says: “I am able to be mom as soon as the school bell rings for pick up, and then later that night I can assume my BirthdayPak role and plan out the next day or finish up from earlier in the day.” She values her flexible schedule to help her parents and in-laws as well.

Brandon Baltz, BirthdayPak franchise owner of Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio, also has a number of people who depend on him at all hours of the day. “I don’t miss games or practices anymore and can assist with the crazy schedules of having 6 kids and a grandchild. I have also been available to help with the appointments and care needs of my ailing mother-in-law as she battles terminal cancer,” he says.

You Have More Quality and Quantity of Time

Once a BirthdayPak market is built out, much of the franchise operations work can be completed remotely, so you can be available to your family when needed and get back to work wherever you have a Wi-Fi connection. This arrangement provides Brandon Baltz and his family more opportunity to travel. Working remotely also shaves off the 2- to 3-hour daily commute he had when working in corporate America. This means Brandon now has an extra 2-3 hours a day to spend quality time with his family, such as playing 9 holes with his youngest daughter.

You Model a Healthy Balance of Work and Family

By virtue of your children spending more time with you and observing business duties conducted at home, you can model the value of hard work and work-life balance when you own a franchise. And it can begin to inspire the many possibilities that lie ahead for their future career. “I’m proud to show my kids that people can build a profession for themselves. I love to talk work around them so that they can start to imagine what they might create for themselves one day,” said Betsy Pierre, BirthdayPak franchise owner of Minnesota.

 Become a BirthdayPak Franchise Owner

“When I became a BirthdayPak franchise owner, I was able to keep the flexibility, increase my schedule and maintain being a mom as a priority,” says Lisa Linkowsky.  “This is priceless!”.

Let’s face it – your personal life doesn’t happen conveniently outside of the 9-5 workday. Whatever your priorities, at BirthdayPak you have the freedom to set your own work hours so you can enjoy the flexibility you need for anything life brings. To find out how becoming a BirthdayPak franchise owner puts you in charge of your schedule, set up a call with us!