New customers come through your door, and you have a great opportunity to maximize their first impressions. But how do you keep your business top of mind and customers coming back throughout the rest of the year? While our gifting program at BirthdayPak centers around birthdays, we know there are many other occasions to celebrate. It’s the reason BirthdayPak provides multiple digital marketing touchpoints at various times of the year. We discuss the benefits to year-round marketing and those key times of the year to capture repeat business.

The Benefits of Year-Round Marketing

Why should you market to your target audiences all year long? For one, seeing your name consistently increases awareness so that a customer will choose your brand over a competitor. Every time you interact with a customer or prospect, you have the chance to make a connection and create a memorable brand experience. In turn, this fosters relationships with customers and increases loyalty. Consistent marketing also conveys stability and sends a message of longevity.

Leveraging Birthdays for Year-Round Gifting and Celebrating

More than one million birthday wishes are sent each year to women across the country and a quarter million are part of the ever-growing BirthdayPak community. Our community receives periodic reminders over a three month period after their BirthdayPak has been sent and 45% redeem a gift card as a direct result of receiving a reminder email. All emails prominently display the logos of our business partners and link directly to their respective websites. In addition to sending marketing messages around the recipient’s birthday and at the key holidays below, one is sent before Labor Day reminding recipients to take advantage of end of the summer specials. And we don’t forget the half birthday mark!

Turn One-Time Birthday Customers into Year-Round Customers

Birthday celebrations don’t have to be a one-and-done occasion at your business. At BirthdayPak, we make it our business to get you repeat business! We know your chances of selling to an existing customer are much higher (60-70%) vs. to a new customer (5-20%). When you partner with BirthdayPak, you stay in front of women with a discretionary income all year and keep them coming back. Consider these statistics:

Valentine’s Day – Restaurants in particular can count on a spike of diners on the day of love. In 2019, more than 30% of Americans dined at a restaurant and overall spending was expected at over $20 billion this year.

Mother’s Day – Mother’s Day is one of the most popular holidays to dine out!  In fact, one-third of adults dine out to mark the occasion and it’s the most requested gift by moms (47%). Americans were projected to spend nearly $25 billion in 2019.

Father’s DaySpending on Father’s Day gifts was expected to hit a record high this year of $16 billion. Father’s Day is also a busy day at restaurants, just behind Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day.

ThanksgivingAlmost one in 10 Americans would prefer to have their Thanksgiving dinner at a restaurant. While 21% of respondents pick one of their favorites, another 30% said they choose a restaurant they frequent for special occasions. And let’s not forget about Black Friday – 72% of shoppers plan to get a bite at a full- or quick service restaurant.

December Holidays – Hungry shoppers, holiday parties, gift-giving, and new year’s celebrations – oh my! There are countless opportunities to capture repeat business in December!

Enhance Year-Round Marketing Efforts with BirthdayPak

BirthdayPak currently partners with nearly 1,300 businesses to bring in new and repeat business throughout the year. Learn more about this multi-channel marketing platform, which ranked “Best of the Best” and has been recognized as a Top New Franchise by Entrepreneur®. To feature your business in BirthdayPak or for more information on available franchise markets, contact us!