How do you feel when you receive a gift, especially an incredible one? Is it something you still remember and brings you joy? For many, gift giving is a positive experience, fosters goodwill creates lasting impressions and a desire to give back. As a business owner, you can use the same concept to attract new customers to your business! It’s called ‘gift marketing,’ but it’s so much more than merely giving gifts to customers. It’s about delivering a WOW! experience that cultivates a connection with customers and an attachment to your brand. But how can you give customers something of value to build relationships? We discuss what makes gift marketing work for businesses.

The Right Approach to Gift Marketing

Gift marketing works best when the gift is meaningful to the recipient and offered in a genuine way. Gifts are truly that – given without anything expected in return or conditions attached. The gift should be of high value to your customers and beneficial to them. Not only will this approach make your business stand out, but it also inspires customer trust and loyalty.

When presenting the gift, customers want to feel special and part of something exclusive. Even if the gift is given to a wide audience, the offer can be received well if it is intended for a certain demographic or personalized. Using the person’s name or another form of personalization on the gift gets it noticed. This step goes above to create a personal connection and gives the customer a preview of the individual care and attention they can expect when they walk through your door.

The Principle of Reciprocity

There is power in the unexpected gift, and the reason is even supported by what psychologists call the “principle of reciprocity.” It’s in our human nature to want to give back when something is received. To prove the concept, psychologists conducted a study in which servers provided checks with mints to their customers. As a result, they saw a 14% increase in tips when two mints were provided and a 21% increase when extra mints were given.

Reciprocity + Gift Cards = Success!

Time and again, we see the principle of reciprocity in action at BirthdayPak. Especially when it comes to giving the ideal gift that everyone loves: Gift Cards! Current trends show that gift cards are a win all around. They are the preferred gift for their ease of use and personal feel. In fact, consumers are buying more gift cards for others, self-gifting them and overspending by an average of $59 on the original value. Businesses are using gift cards to build customer loyalty and maximize sales. Combine gift cards with the principle of reciprocity and it’s easy to see how a gift marketing program sets a business up for success.

BirthdayPak: The Gift That Keeps Giving!

As a leader in gift marketing since 2009, BirthdayPak is proving to be the gift that keeps giving! Consumers love receiving their personalized BirthdayPak, filled with valuable gift cards to local business to celebrate their birthdays! Businesses benefit from new and repeat customers, and the “gift” is returned many times over. Are you ready to deliver WOW to your customers, create that lasting impression and increase sales? If so, we invite you to learn more about BirthdayPak’s award-winning gifting program! If you’re a sales-minded entrepreneur looking for a proven business model with great potential, franchise markets are available. Find out what makes BirthdayPak different and schedule a call with us.