At BirthdayPak, our Core Focus and Core Values aren’t just a set of statements we hang on our wall. They are a commitment to our BirthdayPak community and clients. Every member of our corporate team and franchise owners live them each day to create a positive company culture, drive business and send one million birthday wishes each year across the nation. We examine our Core Focus and Core Values, why overarching brand elements are important and what they mean to us.

Why You Need a Franchise with Focus

For successful franchises, a strong brand is much more than a name and logo. The true identity of a brand lies in the foundational statements that guide a franchise to deliver exceptional service, differentiate itself among the competition and articulate its promise. They help ensure that customers have a consistent experience no matter which local franchise they work with. If you’re considering franchising, but still looking for the perfect fit, choosing a franchise with a mission, goals and values that align with your own is first and foremost.

Core Focus at BirthdayPak

Many companies have positioning, mission and vision statements. These elements encapsulate the products or services the company offers and identify who they are helping and the purpose the brand is serving. At BirthdayPak, those statements make up Our Core Focus, which has two parts: Purpose and Niche. Our Purpose is: “Connecting businesses with consumers through tasteful gifting.” Our niche is: “Helping businesses succeed and consumers celebrate life.”

BirthdayPak Core Values

Establishing a strong set of core values that are well-communicated throughout the organization is key to executing a mission. At BirthdayPak, we strive to exhibit our core values in every interaction.

We Deliver WOW to businesses by providing them with a top-notch gifting platform to help increase sales. We Deliver WOW to consumers by sending them special gifts to help them celebrate a life event, their birthday.

Own it, Bring it, and True to Our Word are what we do to accomplish Delivering WOW. All BirthdayPak employees and franchisees “own it” (be accountable, take responsibility), “bring it” (work hard, be enthusiastic and diligent), and “be true to our word” (have open and honest communication). 

Our core values were created to support our core focus. When the core values are carried out, our core focus is fulfilled by connecting businesses with consumers through tasteful gifting. And when that happens, it helps businesses succeed and consumers celebrate life. In short, values drive business and help our communities.

Bringing Our Focus and Values to Life

BirthdayPak wouldn’t be where it is today without our hardworking franchise owners, valued clients and loyal BirthdayPak community. Here are just a few thoughts from our clients and community that motivate us to stay focused and live our core values.

“Out of all the advertising we’ve done, nothing’s proven to be measurable and shows a return on investment like BirthdayPak, nothing at all. It doesn’t even come close.”

“BirthdayPak is by far the best form of advertising I have done in the 25 years I have been a restaurant owner.”

“WOWZA….BIRTHDAYPAK..So Very Surprised and Very Excited to receive such a cool gift. Can’t wait to take advantage of all the offerings and have a month-long celebration!! Love the idea and concept!!! THANK YOU AGAIN!!!!”

Absolutely LOVE this program!! Straight up gift cards, no catches, just a great way to promote your restaurant or spa and an awesome gift to receive during your birthday month!”

How Do Our Core Values Stack Up with Yours?

Are you ready to be an entrepreneur who “delivers WOW” and is willing to “own it, bring it and be true to your word”? We’re looking for like-minded franchise owners who want to make an impact in their community and help local businesses thrive in these available markets. Contact us at 1-888-680-7554 today to start the conversation!