One of the greatest things about owning a BirthdayPak franchise is the flexibility it provides. The flexibility to abandon the 9-5 and create a workday around your life. The flexibility to build your business how you prefer – solo, with a partner or eventually, with a team. It may take time, trial-and-error and lots of perseverance, but you can get there. Just ask Lorie Marrella and Megan Cavanaugh, franchise owners of BirthdayPak of Delaware Valley in Pennsylvania, and their full-time salesperson, Vincent Talluto. Their set-up is anything but typical, but it’s by design and your franchise can be too. We take a look at traits thriving partnerships share and how this “dynamic trio” is hitting all the marks.

Shared Goals and Expectations

Working for a franchise with overarching goals, a core focus and core values helps everyone see the big picture. It’s also essential for the team to have similar approaches to business and a strong work ethic. Shared backgrounds or work experience with your partner is also very helpful, as Lorie and Megan can attest. Prior to BirthdayPak, they planned fundraising events for nonprofits and ladies’ night out events. “We are both planners, very detailed and focused on tasks at hand,” says Lorie. In addition, Lorie and Vincent are brother and sister and grew up in a family business. “We know it takes hard work to run a business,” she continues.

Specialty, Yet Complementary Skills

Good partnerships often have individuals with a particular set of skills and strengths that can complement the others. For this BirthdayPak trio, they each take on duties that best suit their expertise and availability. Vincent focuses on face-to-face sales while Megan and Lorie are operating behind the scenes with contracting, marketing, client follow-up, prospecting, accounting and business responsibilities.

We each have our specialty skills and they fit perfectly into what’s needed to run the BirthdayPak franchise,” says Megan. “Much of the time, it’s a fine-tuned machine where we recognize each person’s strengths and capitalize on them to help the business run as optimally as possible.

Communication Is Key

It may go without saying, but communication between partners is one of the most essential aspects of the relationship. Communicating regularly and having open and honest dialogue about issues needs to be a top priority. Not only are they communicating with each other daily, but Lorie usually attends sales calls with Vincent twice a week and meets with Megan weekly to discuss business and updates. Vincent submits his sales notes and reviews with Lorie the next day via phone before making his sales calls. “There are definitely times where we bump our heads but have established good communication skills to get through any hiccups we incur,” says Megan.

Trust and Support

Partners need to feel a sense of support and trust that they’re in it together. “The best part about having each other, is when one of us is ‘down,’ we have each other to lean on to help pick up where needed,” says Megan. “The weight and stress of entrepreneurship is spread out and it’s a comfort.

Trust and support also come from the franchisor, and knowledge that all parties are striving toward shared success. “Owning a franchise under BirthdayPak allows us to be creative in how we grow our business, but also allows us to lean on corporate for support and guidance,” says Lorie. “We truly believe that good experiences only come with supported, innovative, invested, and dedicated franchisors like BirthdayPak.”

Success Can Be Yours, Too

All three members of the dynamic trio will tell you – whether you’re a single franchise owner in a small market or have grown your market to 13 zones in a large metropolitan area as they have – owning a franchise is hard work and requires a lot of attention up front. BirthdayPak provides the support and tools, but it’s up to you to succeed.

The benefits we receive are directly related to the hard work we put into the franchise and it’s extremely gratifying,” said Megan. “In all honesty, we weren’t expecting to love it this much, but we are fortunate to work for a product that we believe in and have a franchisor that truly believes in seeing us succeed.

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“The Dynamic Trio”: Scheduling Work Around Life, Not the 9-5  

Megan, Vincent and Lorie
BirthdayPak of Delaware Valley

Every franchise is different, but BirthdayPak provides the freedom and flexibility to structure it around your life. For example, Lorie is a primary caretaker for her 95-year-old father-in-law and manages BirthdayPak around his schedule. Megan works another full-time job and completes her work for BirthdayPak at night and other times as needed. They have a full-time salesperson, Vincent Talluto, who is responsible for day-to-day prospecting and client relations. Vincent is able to schedule his workday around the school day to make drop off and pick up times.