The biggest shopping season of the year is upon us, and many small businesses rely on those holiday shopping dollars to boost end of the year sales numbers. However, with big retailers crowding the space, sometimes it takes consumers extra effort to find small businesses. But what if you had an evergreen marketing program that worked for you year-round? And then when the holidays come around, your business is top of mind? This allows you to grow consistently and steadily throughout the year, and not depend so heavily on end of the year sales. Since birthdays happen every day, a gift marketing program such as BirthdayPak helps you do just that. We detail how BirthdayPak connects businesses with their best customers to drive new and repeat business. 

A Gift Arrives in the Mail

BirthdayPak is truly a one-of-a-kind, proven business model. The initial engagement starts with a beautifully designed, oversized and personalized “birthday gift” delivered right to the mailbox of your ideal customer. It’s at the beginning of her birth month, and she’s ready to celebrate! She opens it to find gift cards to some of her favorite (and new) restaurants, spas and boutiques.

How BirthdayPak Helps Your Local Business Grow

  • Birthdays are a proven trigger for discretionary spending – women want to treat themselves and they love gift cards!
  • Direct mail response rates are above average, so more customers are coming through your door. According to the 2018 DMA Response Rate Report, they are as high as 5% for prospect lists. This rate outperforms all digital channels by a substantial margin.
  • Adding a person’s name and full color on the direct mail can increase the response 135%. Oversized envelopes have the greatest return on investment compared to postcards and letter-size envelopes. 
  • Generate more sales as 74% of consumers spend more than the original value of the gift card, on average $59 more.
  • Increase foot traffic –  86% of BirthdayPak recipients dine out on their birthday each year, in contrast to 54% of the general audience surveyed.

Not Just Any Customer, Your Ideal Customer

BirthdayPak is an exclusive gifting program in two ways. For one, a limited number of local, upscale businesses are featured in each BirthdayPak mailer. And second, BirthdayPak is sent to a selective group of affluent women each month. The BirthdayPak target audience is affluent women who live close to your business.

How BirthdayPak Helps Your Local Business Grow

  • Your business stands out with the key household decision makers – women ages 25-65 make 85% of all consumer purchase decisions.
  • Your business gains exposure with a different group of affluent women each month celebrating their birthday, driving in new business.

Multi-Tiered Marketing Platform

Direct mail is a great tool on its own, but integrating this offline channel with digital marketing can optimize your campaigns. In one study, using direct mail and at least one form of digital marketing media in campaigns saw a 118% increase in the response rate compared to using direct mail alone. It’s the reason BirthdayPak is a multi-tiered marketing platform.

Once BirthdayPak recipients open their BirthdayPak, they are asked to go online to activate their gift cards and become a part of the BirthdayPak community. They have 90 days to redeem the gift cards, and BirthdayPak sends reminder emails to recipients. The emails contain logos of the local businesses featured in their BirthdayPak, which are hyperlinked to their respective websites.

How BirthdayPak Helps Your Local Business Grow

  • More reminders, more business: 45% of BirthdayPak recipients redeem a gift card as a direct result of receiving a reminder email. 
  • The emails drive traffic to your website and make it easy for customers to make reservations or appointments.

Stay in Front of Customer Year-round

When you partner with BirthdayPak, your business stays in front of women with a discretionary income all year long. Similar to the reminder emails, holiday emails are strategically sent at key times during the year to capture repeat business. Again, this provides the opportunity to connect with you online and keep our featured local businesses in front of the BirthdayPak community.  

Local Businesses Succeed with BirthdayPak

Still not convinced that BirthdayPak can help your business grow? The high retention rate in the restaurant category (upwards of 80%), with the other categories not far behind, speaks for itself. BirthdayPak is a long-standing gifting platform that has been providing businesses a return on investment time and again. Read testimonials from BirthdayPak business partners and recipients.

To learn more, contact us or call 1-844-845-6039 to connect with a sales professional who can help your business grow. For more information about becoming a BirthdayPak franchise owner and available market opportunities, contact our support team or call 1-888-680-7554.