In honor of the 10-year anniversary of BirthdayPak, the corporate team celebrated with an awards presentation to recognize franchise owners who “deliver wow.” 2019 has been a successful year with many outstanding BirthdayPak franchises spanning from coast to coast. The awards honor those exemplary individuals who exemplify the core values, demonstrate top-notch sales skills and have a proven track record of strong leadership skills.

Awards Honor Excellence and Demonstration of Core Values

Selected by members of the corporate team, the following awards were presented by Mark Neujahr, National Director of Sales & Training at BirthdayPak, during a recent teleconference.

Spirit Award

The spirit award was presented to franchise owners who are passionate about BirthdayPak and success of the company, exhibit core values, and motivate and mentor other franchisees. They also actively collaborate and support fellow franchise owners and are always looking for ways to help themselves and others succeed.

BirthdayPak Spirit Award Winner: Lisa Linkowsky (BirthdayPak of Bucks County & Central NJ)

BirthdayPak Spirit Award Runner Up: Dawn Lynn (BirthdayPak of Las Vegas)

BirthdayPak Spirit Award Honorary Mention: Suzanne Davis (BirthdayPak of Southeast Florida)

Sales Awards

Two sales awards were presented, one for most new restaurants sold and one for most new advertisers sold, over a 12-month period.  The winners of these awards exhibited dedication and hard work to meet their sales goals.  Since restaurant gift cards are so well received by the recipients of BirthdayPak, an award was created that focused on this category in particular. 

Most Advertisers Sold: Kerry Neujahr (BirthdayPak of Orlando) & Brandon Baltz (BirthdayPak of Indiana)

Most New Restaurants Sold, 1st Place: Kerry Neujahr (BirthdayPak of Orlando)

Most New Restaurants Sold, 2nd Place: Lorie Marrella & Megan Cavanaugh (BirthdayPak of Delaware Valley)

Most New Restaurants Sold, 3rd Place: Brandon Baltz (BirthdayPak of Indiana)

Best New Franchise 2019 Award

The attributes the leadership team looked at were strong performance out of the gate, exhibits core values, follows all suggested best practices and is eager to learn more, consistently meets deadlines and delivers results,” said Mark.

Best New Franchise 2019: Dawn Lynn (BirthdayPak of Las Vegas)

Best Franchise 2019 Award

The Best Franchise award recognizes those franchise owners who stand out as leaders and have achieved personal success within their market. They exhibit the BirthdayPak core values and follow all suggested best practices and create new ones. They have a can-do attitude and show perseverance, while consistently meeting deadlines and delivering results.

Best Franchise 2019 Winner: Lorie Marrella & Megan Cavanaugh (BirthdayPak of Delaware Valley)

Best Franchise 2019 Runner Up: Kerry Neujahr (BirthdayPak of Orlando)

Best Franchise 2019 Runner Up: Lisa Linkowsky (BirthdayPak of Bucks County & Central NJ)

After announcing the Best Franchise of 2019 winner, Mark provided commentary on what made Lorie Marrella and Megan Cavanaugh stand out, “You have a lot of zones, and you’ve always been creative and open-minded. You did a phenomenal job with the win back program, working with our marketing team. You’re pushing the envelope and always contributing and reaching out to other franchisees. You’re a great role model and this is well-deserved.”

Paul Berman, CEO of BirthdayPak, provided final remarks: “We have a great team and I’m very lucky to work with all of you. Let’s have another fantastic year in 2020 and keep celebrating life!

Award-Winning Franchise Owners, Award-Winning Franchise

These awards celebrate BirthdayPak franchise owners, and also show how BirthdayPak is committed to the success of our franchise owners. We recognize their contributions and how they play a part in furthering BirthdayPak as a strong, award-winning brand. For more information on franchise opportunities, contact us at 1-888-680-7554.