It’s a new year and a new decade! Are you ready to start 2020 off right? Now is a great time to reflect on your successes and think about changes you want to make this year and in the next 5-10 years. If you want to become a business owner, take time to define goals that will set you up for success this year. We provide tips to help you jumpstart the process and pursue the goal of becoming an entrepreneur in 2020.

Think About Your End Goal

When thinking about starting a new business, it’s important to take a long-term view and know your end goal. It helps set the course for your new venture and gives you something to aspire to achieve. For example, do you want to start a business from scratch or are you considering a franchise? Do you want to enjoy a better work-life balance? Fulfill a life-long ambition or passion? Whatever your goal, keep it at the forefront as you explore your options and throughout the buying process.

Consider Your Skills and Passions

What are you good at or passionate about? Then sell it. At BirthdayPak, we often hear our franchise owners say they are “passionate about the product and helping businesses grow.” Most have sales backgrounds, and that’s a skill that can create a thriving business. But sales can be more than just products. It can be ideas, experiences, knowledge, talents or even a hobby. Think about the skills and passions you possess, then how you can sell them to build a business.

Connect with Other Like-Minded Entrepreneurs

Surround yourself with other successful entrepreneurs by attending networking events and establishing new connections on LinkedIn or through mutual colleagues. Their experience and knowledge can translate into actionable steps for you when starting your new business. They can also provide advice and insight to help you make the right decisions and set you up for success from the beginning. If you’re interested in a franchise, talk to a franchise consultant or other franchise owners.

Set Aside Time Each Day Working Toward Your New Business

Starting your own business means putting in the time to build it. Spend at least an hour a day exploring your business idea or opportunities and taking steps to make it a reality. Draft your business plan, build your website, take a course, write a pitch letter or research franchise businesses that would be a good fit. Create goals that can be accomplished within a certain timeframe. You’ll have a lot to show for it after just a month of this practice.

The Time Is Now to Start Your Entrepreneurial Journey Are you ready to set your entrepreneurial and business goals? Make 2020 your year to become an entrepreneur! Approach it with a lot of thought, a plan, research/due diligence and a network of support. Put in the work each day to build your foundation for success. If you would like to learn more about franchise ownership with BirthdayPak, start with these top 10 articles and schedule a time to connect.