Cincinnati might very well be one of the most underrated cities in the country. But it’s steadily gaining population growth and is the economic powerhouse of the Midwest. This bustling metro area has much to offer with vibrant communities, a low cost of living, healthy job market and a great restaurant scene. In fact, Cincinnati placed on the 2019 U.S. News & World Report Best Places to Live rankings. See why Cincinnati is not just a great place to live, but also a great city to be your own boss with a top-rated franchise opportunity – with none other than BirthdayPak!

Cincinnati: A City on the Rise

Cincinnati is making a comeback. Greater Cincinnati has the fastest-growing economy in the Midwest at $138 billion in 2017, an increase of nearly 20% in the last five years. The Cincinnati area is even beating the U.S. economic growth rate. In terms of population, Cincinnati is the 29th largest metro area in the country and the largest in Ohio. The area’s population growth has been steadily increasing over the last decade, both in the city and suburbs.

Cincinnati is home to eight Fortune 500 companies including Procter & Gamble, Kroger Corporation, Macy’s and Fifth Third Bank. Jobs are plentiful in Cincinnati and Fortune ranked the area #8 out of 25 of the best cities to find a job. It’s also been listed as a best city for Millennials, citing a strong paycheck and above average number of job openings.

Cincinnati Is One of the Best Places to Live
In addition to ranking #39 out of 125 for the best places to live in the country, it’s also one of the most affordable. Cincinnati has been ranked #10 in the 2019 U.S. News & World Report 25 Best Affordable Places to Live in the U.S. This means cost of living and housing costs are low, providing higher discretionary income for leisure items such as dining out.

Cincinnati: A Food Lover’s Paradise
From high-end eating establishments to casual dining, there is something for everyone in Cincinnati. In fact, three Cincinnati restaurants landed on OpenTable’s Top 100 Restaurants in America for 2017 list. WalletHub named it #1 best food city in Ohio and #22 in America. It’s been recognized as an incredible food city in Food & Wine, and the Over-the-Rhine district has been described as “one of the country’s most promising food scenes.”

Restaurants Boost the Ohio, Cincinnati Metro Economies

While a variety of industries make up the fabric of the economy, the restaurant industry always has a significant impact. Ohio has more than 22,500 eating and drinking establishments that brought in estimated sales of $24.2 billion in 2018. Restaurant and food service jobs amount to 10% of employment with 585,000 jobs in 2019. That’s expected to grow by 9.1% by 2029. With Cincinnati as a major metro area and culinary center in Ohio, this industry in particular is a boon to the local economy.

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