BirthdayPak Clients

BirthdayPak Clients

Upscale businesses face a challenge in a highly competitive marketplace where protecting their image is front and center every day. They need marketing that delivers trackable return on investment, but in a way that supports their reputation for being the best. Coupons and discounts are trackable but cheapen and weaken their status. Upscale magazine ads and PR channels are great exposure but doesn’t give them something they can track.

BirthdayPak transcends this challenge with tasteful gifting through a universally cherished and celebrated event…birthdays! It’s the perfect opportunity to bring in new customers and keep loyal customers coming back by giving them a birthday gift. BirthdayPak redemptions bring profitable transactions, allowing measurable return on investment, while leaving a lasting impression on their customer. Even businesses that are busy every day still want birthday celebrations coming to them.

BirthdayPak Benefits Clients:

  • Delivers new customers!
  • Brings customers back for a birthday celebration; great loyalty initiative!
  • Blocks competition by bringing the celebration to our clients and not somewhere else!
  • Sets the stage for a memorable experience which provides the opportunity to gain new, loyal customers!

BirthdayPak Clients Include:

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