What Our Franchisees Love About Owning a BirthdayPak Franchise

What Our Franchisees Love About Owning a BirthdayPak Franchise

What are you looking for in a franchise? One with great income potential? Flexibility? An opportunity to get involved in your community? BirthdayPak checks all of these boxes, and then some! But don’t take our word for it. This article features what our franchise owners have to say, and why they love owning a BirthdayPak franchise. Their responses may help you as you begin the process of selecting a franchise and consider your ideal franchise culture.

Opportunity for Community Involvement

“BirthdayPak allows us to partner with local businesses and assist them in increasing their revenue while having fun doing it. We really like that we aren’t tied to a desk and have the ability to get out into our community, meet new people and form a true partnership with them that will be a win for both of us. The flexibility BirthdayPak offers us will allow us to attend our girls’ sporting and school events and continue our community involvement.” – Todd and Licet Mulholland, BirthdayPak of Southwest Florida

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Creativity to Grow a Business with Support and Guidance

Owning a franchise under BirthdayPak allows us to be creative in how we grow our business, but also allows us to lean on corporate for support and guidance. We truly believe that good experiences only come with supported, innovative, invested, and dedicated franchisors like BirthdayPak.” – Lorie Marrella, BirthdayPak of Delaware Valley

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Flexibility to Be a Mom First

“When I became a BirthdayPak franchise owner, I was able to keep the flexibility, increase my schedule and maintain being a mom as a priority. I am able to be mom as soon as the school bell rings for pick up, and then later that night I can assume my BirthdayPak role and plan out the next day or finish up from earlier in the day. This is priceless!” – Lisa Linkowsky, BirthdayPak of central New Jersey and Bucks County

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Proven Business Model

“I found the business model to be very sound and loved the product right away – it spoke to me on many different levels.” – Kristy Blasey, BirthdayPak of Raleigh-Durham

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Strong Brand and Direction

“I was so impressed with the company, the brand and future direction of the business, I decided to become a franchise owner.” – Jeff Winter, BirthdayPak of Southeast Minnesota

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The Joy of Gifting a Unique Product

As a BirthdayPak franchise, I really love the opportunity to provide a marketing program that is cost effective for my clients and brings them new customers! I also love the fact that it really is looked at as a true “gift” by those who receive BirthdayPak and the joy it brings to them when they receive it!  It is especially fulfilling when they make the effort to reach out to me directly to thank BirthdayPak of Orlando for the wonderful surprise gift.” – Kerry Neujahr, BirthdayPak of Orlando

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Stream of Revenue and Low Overhead

“BirthdayPak is a really cool concept. The ability to have residual revenue stream, with low overhead, was very appealing to us.” – John and Olga Clevenger, BirthdayPak of South Charlotte.

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Pride of Owning a Business

The most rewarding thing about being a BirthdayPak franchise owner is the personal feeling I get from owning my own business again. I felt the most successful, felt the most self-pride when I own my own business. The sky is the limit with BirthdayPak. I get the freedom, I get to make my own schedule and the pride of owning my own business and controlling my own destiny is the great thing for me.” – Brandon Baltz, BirthdayPak of Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio

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BirthdayPak Recipient Loves BirthdayPak Enough to Buy a Franchise!

“The way I made my decision to buy my BirthdayPak franchise is I was a recipient of BirthdayPak. I lived in Pennsylvania where BirthdayPak first started and then I moved to Oklahoma. I got one that had come with my mail forwarded from Pennsylvania and I got excited to try new restaurants! I opened it up and I was so sad because it was with my Philadelphia mail. At that point I realized I could buy a franchise. So I did! I knew it worked, I had been a recipient before and I could get excited about it!” – Lisa Whittington, BirthdayPak of Oklahoma

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At BirthdayPak, the Love Comes Full Circle

It’s clear from our passionate and hardworking franchise owners that there is a lot to love about owning a BirthdayPak franchise. And we know how to show the love back by recognizing our franchise owners and setting them up for success. If you want to become an entrepreneur in 2020 and learn about our nationally-ranked franchise, contact us at 1-888-680-7554 or schedule a call.

Ready for a Franchise Opportunity in the Southwest? Look No Further Than Dallas!

Ready for a Franchise Opportunity in the Southwest? Look No Further Than Dallas!

Dallas is so full of possibility, it’s no wonder so many Americans are flocking to this happening city! It offers exponential new job growth as a corporate magnet, a healthy economy and affordable real estate. Dallas’s cultural scene provides endless experiences, along with a vibrant and widely recognized restaurant scene for food lovers alike. See why millions Say Yes to Dallas, and why BirthdayPak is too! If you’re looking for a franchise opportunity in the Southwest, Dallas is a hot spot that is turning up the heat.

Move Over New York City! Americans Are Flocking to DallasTexas has experienced rapid growth in recent years, with the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area as a major contributor to the population increase. Dallas is the 9th most populous city in the U.S. with a metro area coming in as the 4th largest. In 2017-2018, the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington area gained more residents than any other metropolitan area in the country. And by 2040, it’s projected that 10.9 million people will be living in North Texas – a 53.5% increase over the next 25 years.

Compare Dallas to New York City, and some may be surprised: Dallas’s economy expanded 4% on average each year from 2011 to 2015, compared to New York’s average of 1.3%. New York is losing population while it’s clearly swelling in Dallas. People are flocking to Dallas for the vast job opportunities it offers. The area’s economy is rich from a variety of sectors such as banking, energy, technology, healthcare and transportation. Dallas has the 3rd largest concentration of Fortune 500 companies in the U.S. with 25 headquarters taking up residence there.

Dallas: A Great American Food City

Dallas may be known for steakhouses and Tex-Mex, but it has proven to be so much more. While its food scene was once overlooked, many top-tier publications have taken notice. Zagat ranked Dallas-Fort Worth #16 in their “30 Most Exciting Food Cities in America” in 2017. GQ named Dallas the “Next Best New Food City” and Bon Appétit awarded it “Restaurant City of the Year” in 2019. The Food Network describes Dallas as “a city with a well-rounded palate that welcomes chefs, cuisines and restaurants of all kinds.” And Forbes calls Dallas “a decidedly foodie city.”

The Growing Restaurant Sector in the Texas, Dallas-Fort Worth Metro Economies

While many sectors contribute to the area’s rich economy, we can’t overlook the restaurant sector. In 2018, more than 48,000 eating and drinking establishments in Texas provided $66 billion in estimated sales. Upwards of 1.3 million restaurant and food service jobs made up 10% of the state’s employment in 2019. That number is expected to grow by 15.2% by 2029. This is relevant for the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area in particular since it makes up more than a quarter of the state’s population.

A Franchise Opportunity with Incredible Potential in Dallas

The city’s renaissance and up-and-coming food scene make Dallas one of America’s hottest cities right now. This growing market offers enormous potential for a sales focused BirthdayPak franchise owner. And BirthdayPak offers enormous potential to its business partners – restaurants, salons and boutiques – to drive traffic and grow their business. To learn more about our proven business model and award-winning franchise, start with these 10 articles. We invite you to start the conversation by calling 888-680-7554 or connect with us.

How We Approach the Franchisor-Franchisee Relationship

How We Approach the Franchisor-Franchisee Relationship

What makes a strong franchisor-franchisee relationship? At BirthdayPak, we know how important it is to cultivate a strong relationship with our franchise owners, and believe it is the foundation for our success and growth. Strong connections with our franchise owners come down to two main components: A positive company culture and a commitment to their success. As you consider franchise opportunities, it’s important to reflect on the elements of a good franchisor/franchise owner relationship and have a set of expectations for your franchisor. Following are some of the ways we “bring it” (one of our core values at BirthdayPak) to build productive and long-term partnerships with our franchise owners.

A Brand and Proven Business Model

Benefits of owning a franchise include having a well-established brand and the ability to replicate a proven business model. The franchisor is responsible for maintaining its brand reputation, creating awareness and developing growth opportunities. Behind our proven system at BirthdayPak is years of growth and success, a strong brand presence and recognition, leadership with vision and goals for the future.

Comprehensive Training and Ongoing Support

Comprehensive training and ongoing support take on many forms at BirthdayPak. Training begins at BirthdayPak headquarters in Pennsylvania to lay the foundation for your franchise market. Franchise owners also provide support to each other by sharing their experiences and offering advice that has helped make their business successful.

Support also means having effective people, tools and resources. This includes a behind-the-scenes team who is accessible and quickly responsive to your needs. They handle the BirthdayPak production process, research and development and much more. In addition, BirthdayPak employs a comprehensive cloud integrated CRM support system that tracks inventory, sales opportunities, billing and revenue projections. Franchise owners also have a number of marketing materials at their disposal, some of which are provided at no cost. One of our goals for 2020 is to continue investing in technology and data.

Open and Honest Communication

Communication is the glue that holds our relationship together. Open and honest communication is how we foster our “we” and “team” mindset. With franchise owners all over the country, it’s especially important to have regular “two way” communication. Some of our best ideas have come from our franchise owners and we seek their input to make the business better. In addition to keeping the lines of communication open with all franchise owners, regular monthly calls are held at BirthdayPak. The calls are an opportunity to discuss new and upcoming events and initiatives, as well as provide updates on goals.

Appreciation and Recognition

A positive company culture inspires trust and loyalty, and passionate franchise owners. At BirthdayPak, we regularly report “wins” on our calls and recently presented sales, spirit and “best franchise” awards via video conference in honor of our 10-year anniversary. We also provide a growth incentive program to help franchise owners boost earning potential and expand their markets.

Seeking a Franchise That Fosters Strong Relations with Franchise Owners?

At BirthdayPak, our brand is built on the strong relationship between the franchisor, our corporate support staff, and franchise owners. Together, we “deliver wow” to business partners across the country and over one million BirthdayPak recipients each year. If you would like to learn more about what we offer our franchise owners at BirthdayPak, schedule a time to connect or call 1-888-680-7554.


Want to Become an Entrepreneur in 2020? Here’s How to Reach Your Goal

Want to Become an Entrepreneur in 2020? Here’s How to Reach Your Goal

It’s a new year and a new decade! Are you ready to start 2020 off right? Now is a great time to reflect on your successes and think about changes you want to make this year and in the next 5-10 years. If you want to become a business owner, take time to define goals that will set you up for success this year. We provide tips to help you jumpstart the process and pursue the goal of becoming an entrepreneur in 2020.

Think About Your End Goal

When thinking about starting a new business, it’s important to take a long-term view and know your end goal. It helps set the course for your new venture and gives you something to aspire to achieve. For example, do you want to start a business from scratch or are you considering a franchise? Do you want to enjoy a better work-life balance? Fulfill a life-long ambition or passion? Whatever your goal, keep it at the forefront as you explore your options and throughout the buying process.

Consider Your Skills and Passions

What are you good at or passionate about? Then sell it. At BirthdayPak, we often hear our franchise owners say they are “passionate about the product and helping businesses grow.” Most have sales backgrounds, and that’s a skill that can create a thriving business. But sales can be more than just products. It can be ideas, experiences, knowledge, talents or even a hobby. Think about the skills and passions you possess, then how you can sell them to build a business.

Connect with Other Like-Minded Entrepreneurs

Surround yourself with other successful entrepreneurs by attending networking events and establishing new connections on LinkedIn or through mutual colleagues. Their experience and knowledge can translate into actionable steps for you when starting your new business. They can also provide advice and insight to help you make the right decisions and set you up for success from the beginning. If you’re interested in a franchise, talk to a franchise consultant or other franchise owners.

Set Aside Time Each Day Working Toward Your New Business

Starting your own business means putting in the time to build it. Spend at least an hour a day exploring your business idea or opportunities and taking steps to make it a reality. Draft your business plan, build your website, take a course, write a pitch letter or research franchise businesses that would be a good fit. Create goals that can be accomplished within a certain timeframe. You’ll have a lot to show for it after just a month of this practice.

The Time Is Now to Start Your Entrepreneurial Journey Are you ready to set your entrepreneurial and business goals? Make 2020 your year to become an entrepreneur! Approach it with a lot of thought, a plan, research/due diligence and a network of support. Put in the work each day to build your foundation for success. If you would like to learn more about franchise ownership with BirthdayPak, start with these top 10 articles and schedule a time to connect.

BirthdayPak Ranked #1 in Advertising Services by Entrepreneur Magazine for the Second Year in a Row

BirthdayPak recently ranked in Entrepreneur magazine’s 41st Annual Franchise 500®, the world’s first, best and most comprehensive franchise ranking. Placement in the Franchise 500® is a highly sought-after honor in the franchise industry, as evidenced by the fact that Entrepreneur received more than 1,100 applications this year, it was one of the company’s most competitive rankings ever.

The Franchise 500® ranks BirthdayPak as #313 for outstanding performance in areas including unit growth, financial strength and stability, and brand power. This is the third year BirthdayPak has ranked. BirthdayPak has also been named #1 Franchise in the Advertising Services category for the second year in a row.  “We really appreciate the continued recognition from Entrepreneur magazine; it is truly an honor,” says Paul Berman, CEO of BirthdayPak.   

“The 500 companies on this list all have something in common: They understand what consumers want now,” says Entrepreneur editor in chief Jason Feifer. “They may be an upstart in a brand-new category, or they may be a brand like Dunkin’ that’s ranked highly on our list for decades. But either way, making our list means they’re forward-thinking, nimble, and closely in touch with their customers’ needs—because in an ever-changing business environment, that’s what a franchise must do to thrive.”

The key factors that go into the evaluation include costs and fees, size and growth, support, brand strength, and financial strength and stability. Each franchise is given a cumulative score based on an analysis of more than 150 data points, and the 500 franchises with the highest cumulative scores.

Over its 41 years in existence, the Franchise 500® has become both a dominant competitive measure for franchisors and a primary research tool for potential franchisees. The position BirthdayPak holds on the ranking is a testament to its strength as a franchise opportunity.

To view BirthdayPak in the full ranking, visit www.entrepreneur.com/franchise500. Results can also be seen in the January/February 2020 issue of Entrepreneur, available on newsstands January 14th.

The BirthdayPak marketing platform helps local businesses reach their best potential customers.  The beautifully printed and mailed “birthday gift” features gift cards from this exclusive group of businesses.  The women who receive BirthdayPak live close by, have discretionary income and are about to celebrate their birthday. 

In addition to direct mail, BirthdayPak has sent millions of emails to recipients with high deliverability and open rates.  This multi-channel platform keeps the BirthdayPak recipients engaged throughout the year.  The BirthdayPak business model has a history of positive performance and extremely high client retention rates.  BirthdayPak is expanding nationwide through franchising.  For more information, please visit www.BirthdayPakFranchise.com.

Coming Soon…BirthdayPak of Atlanta

Coming Soon…BirthdayPak of Atlanta

BirthdayPak recently welcomed Howard Katz as the new owner of BirthdayPak of Atlanta.  Howard has been an Atlanta resident for almost 13 years and a business owner for more than 15 years.

I had been looking for an opportunity to own a franchise for the past two years.  When I was introduced to the BirthdayPak concept, it appealed to me instantly and I love the brand.  There’s such great potential for BirthdayPak in the Atlanta market, so this is a natural fit,” says Howard.

Along with Howard’s previous business ownership experience, he has an extensive background in consulting, marketing, and management.  Howard is looking forward to introducing BirthdayPak to the local businesses and community members in Atlanta. 

Since its inception in 2009, BirthdayPak has delivered more than 4.5 million “happy birthday” greetings in the mail.  This translates to nearly $360,000,000 in gift cards that have been sent to BirthdayPak recipients over the past 10 years!  That’s a significant amount of birthday gifts!

The BirthdayPak marketing platform drives birthday celebrations to participating upscale businesses, such as restaurants, day spas and boutiques, from their best potential customers.  The beautifully printed and mailed “birthday gift” features gift cards from this exclusive group of businesses in the community.  The women who receive BirthdayPak have discretionary income and are about to celebrate their birthday, a proven trigger for consumer spending.

More than just birthdays, BirthdayPak has sent millions of emails to recipients with high deliverability and open rates, keeping consumers engaged during the year and encouraging repeat visits to the participating businesses.  The BirthdayPak business model has a history of positive performance and extremely high client retention rates.  The above average response rates, and additional branding opportunities through a digital experience, provide a winning combination. 

BirthdayPak continues to expand nationwide through franchising and has been recognized by Entrepreneur magazine as the #1 franchise in Advertising Services category.  If you, or someone you know, has an interest in learning more about this exciting business opportunity, please visit www.BirthdayPakFranchise.com.