Meet Our Franchisees

Meet Our Franchisees

Brandon Baltz

Owner of BirthdayPak of Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio

“I have always been a self-starting, rogue, against the grain personality with an entrepreneurial spirit. I love people, I am a people person, and I love connecting and helping people. With prior management and ownership in the restaurant business, two decades of marketing and advertising experience, and a true passion for helping small to medium size businesses within the community I live… owning a BirthdayPak franchise is the perfect fit for me.”

Lisa Linkowsky

Owner of BirthdayPak of Central NJ & Bucks County

“I was really energized about the opportunity to own my own business, and the fact that I could continue to work out of my home and set my own hours was a huge perk. Most of all, I was excited about the chance to be a part of something that I really think is groundbreaking and unique.”

Lisa Whittington

Owner of BirthdayPak of Oklahoma​

“As a BirthdayPak recipient, I fell in love with the product and just had to get involved. Both Ken and I have sales experience and we work well together as a team. I really like the challenge of going on cold calls and Ken enjoys working on the contracts and ads. Being BirthdayPak franchise owners, we have learned that prospecting and planning is key and we enjoy the positive feedback we receive from our clients.”

Megan Cavanaugh & Lorie Marrella

Owners of BirthdayPak of Delaware Valley

“Not only is it great to work with your best friend, we have the perfect combination of marketing, finance, business, and franchise ownership experience to make it a success, too. It also helps that we have a passion for the BirthdayPak product and love that we are bringing additional joy to someone’s special day.”

Betsy Pierre

Owner of BirthdayPak of Minnesota​

“Being a BirthdayPak franchise owner fits with my background in advertising sales so nicely. BirthdayPak is super creative, new, and different…like nothing I have ever seen before. I like the flexibility to have more time for my family and I’m really enjoying exploring new areas and getting to know the restaurant industry. It’s really great having the BirthdayPak team behind me, providing tools that help me do my job.”

Kerry Neujahr

Owner of BirthdayPak of Orlando​

“Having 25+ years in media, marketing, advertising and publishing and owning several businesses, being a BirthdayPak franchise owner coincides with my areas of expertise . Prior to my marketing and advertising career, I worked many years in the restaurant business. My father owned and operated a restaurant for 40 years, so the business was in my blood at an early age. BirthdayPak is a great marriage of my experience in advertising and restaurants and I’m thrilled to be the franchise owner for Orlando!”

Frank C. Hudetz

Owner of BirthdayPak of Western Chicagoland

“My decision to own a BirthdayPak franchise was a pretty easy one for me to make for several reasons. First of all, the business skills and direct marketing knowledge developed as an owner of a marketing services company has proven to be totally transferable. Secondly, it gives me the convenience of working from home and leveraging local business contacts I’ve developed as a long-time resident and non-profit volunteer in this area. Finally, I couldn’t be more excited about selling the BirthdayPak multichannel solution. It fills the void local merchants have felt for efficiently connecting with their target market.”

Jennifer Bradley

Owner of BirthdayPak of Dallas/Fort Worth

“As a BirthdayPak recipient myself, I loved receiving mine in the mail and seeing the local businesses in my area with offers to help me celebrate my special day! With a background in advertising sales, I wanted to be a part of this innovative marketing concept that is unique to local business owners. I love the idea of working for myself utilizing the skills and talents in advertising marketing with the flexibility of working from home on my own schedule. It is rewarding to hear my friends tell me how much they love getting their BirthdayPak in the mail and helping local businesses grow in the community.”

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