Is a Northern New Jersey Franchise Opportunity Perfectly Positioned for You?

Is a Northern New Jersey Franchise Opportunity Perfectly Positioned for You?

What’s not to love about Northern New Jersey! It provides the best of both worlds – easy access to the hustle and bustle of New York City (practically in its backyard) and idyllic suburbia dotted with charming small towns. Even with New York City a short drive away, you don’t need to leave Northern New Jersey for great dining and cultural experiences – it has so much to offer! This BirthdayPak hot spot is ideally situated to bring together local upscale businesses and their best customers through our unique gifting program. And it’s just waiting for the right sales-focused entrepreneur who can hit the ground running with this high-potential franchise opportunity in Northern New Jersey.

Northern New Jersey: An Economic Powerhouse

Northern New Jersey is certainly living up to its state motto, “Liberty and Prosperity.” This economically prosperous area is home to the top retail zip code in the United States (Paramus, 07652), which generates more than $6 billion in retail sales annually. It’s financial district in Jersey City has been dubbed “Wall Street West.” The state is also a leader in pharmaceutical, technology and bioscience industries.

New Jersey: Densely Populated with High Income

It may be the 4th smallest state, but New Jersey is the most densely populated. Northern New Jersey is part of the New York metropolitan area with 20.3 million people. Most areas in Northern New Jersey are seeing a surge in population growth, especially around the I-95 corridor, and the suburbs are booming.

The great economy and dense population make New Jersey the second wealthiest state in the U.S. The median household income was $80,088 in 2017, nearly $20,000 higher than the median U.S. household income. Personal income rose 3.2% in 2017, ahead of the U.S. average of 2.6% (adjust for inflation). Northern New Jersey is a prime area for BirthdayPak, which targets affluent women with a disposable income.

Culinary Treasures Abound in Northern New Jersey

Many restaurants partner with BirthdayPak, therefore a vibrant food scene is a must-have in a BirthdayPak hot spot. The state is filled with great places to eat and drink, and 5 of the 8 of Zagat’s top-rated Jersey restaurants are in Northern North Jersey. Forbes also lists 5 Northern New Jersey restaurants Worth Leaving New York City For. And the list surely doesn’t stop there!

Restaurants help power the state’s economy. According to the National Restaurant Association, there were 19,050 eating and drinking establishments and total sales were estimated at 18.1 billion in New Jersey in 2018. Last year, food service jobs totaled 348,300 and provided 8% of employment in the state. That’s expected to grow by 6.9% by 2029.

Northern New Jersey: A Perfect Area for a BirthdayPak Franchise

Northern New Jersey and BirthdayPak are a perfect match. Now, we just need our next successful franchise owner to bring this top-notch gifting program to businesses and consumers so they can celebrate their next birthday with BirthdayPak! For more information, start with these top 10 articles and get a peek into the life of a franchise owner. Connect with us to start the conversation and your new career path!

A Week in the Life of a BirthdayPak Franchise Owner

A Week in the Life of a BirthdayPak Franchise Owner

What is a typical week like in the life of a BirthdayPak franchise owner? The great thing is that no two franchisees are the same – we have husband/wife teams, a team of three, solopreneurs and owners who have a full-time job or other pursuits and manage their franchise as well. While situations are different and responsibilities may vary, similar threads run through the everyday life of a BirthdayPak franchise owner. One of our most veteran franchise owners, Lorie Marrella and Megan Cavanaugh, franchise owners of BirthdayPak of Delaware Valley in Pennsylvania, and one of our newest franchise owners, Dawn Zepeda, BirthdayPak franchise owner of Las Vegas, give us their take on the rewards and challenges of BirthdayPak franchise ownership.

Flexibility All Around

BirthdayPak offers a business model that can either be a supplemental income or a full-time career. The flexible hours can be worked around family life. For example, Lorie is a primary caretaker for her 95-year-old father-in-law and manages BirthdayPak around his schedule. Megan works a full-time job and completes her work for BirthdayPak at night and other times as needed. They have a full-time sales person, Vincent Talluto, who is responsible for day-to-day prospecting and client relations. Coming from Corporate America where she worked well beyond the 9-5, Dawn notes the huge difference that having a flexible schedule plays in her life now as a franchise owner.

Routines Rule

A typical week in the life of a BirthdayPak franchisee is much like a mosaic. You often need to move the tiles around until they fit, and routines can be the glue that holds them all together. As her weeks have become busier, Dawn says, “defining your schedule and knowing your deadlines are key.” Planning out your day and being aware of what tasks need to recur are all part of being a franchise owner. 

For example, Lorie says, “I try to go out twice a week on sales calls with Vincent and I meet Megan once a week for lunch to discuss business. Each day while my father-in-law naps, I start planning and mapping out the next day’s sales calls for Vincent. Then I do some customer outreach via email or phone to check in. I answer any customer inquiries and send out prospect letters.” Lorie picks up her workday again around 10 p.m. to continue client prospecting/communication and sending emails to Vincent for sales calls.

Whether you thrive on routine or need flexibility each day to move around the pieces (or both), BirthdayPak puts you in control of your schedule.

You Get What You Give

It can be as simple or as hard as you want to make it. The more effort you put in, the more you get in return,” says Megan. Lorie and Megan have a mature market with 13 zones, so extra creativity is required to make BirthdayPak stand out. Dawn is new to sales and has a brand-new market where most businesses have never heard of BirthdayPak. The solution is the same to both challenges: They all work incredibly hard, exude passion for the product and keep clients happy. “The clients and recipients see it and appreciate BirthdayPak as much as you do,” says Megan.

Learn What Works

BirthdayPak franchise owners are frequently evaluating so that they can learn what is working and what isn’t. It can be as simple as keeping up with admin work daily and staying focused to specific areas of town when prospecting, as Dawn tries to do. Or it can mean shifting to a team-based approach, as was the case with Lorie, Megan and Vincent, and recognizing each person’s strengths to run the business as efficiently as possible. This led to Vincent primarily focusing on the face-to-face sales meetings, Lorie prospecting and coordinating with Vincent and Megan working behind the scenes to manage contracts, marketing and accounting. The trio describes themselves as a “fine-tuned machine”. Dawn was able to hit the ground running after her training. All of this was possible because they each stepped back and took stock of their situations.   

At the End of the Day…

It’s about you – your dreams, what you want to accomplish and deciding the best path to take. And finding a franchisor that’s a perfect fit – one that supports franchisees in every way possible, provides training and continual guidance. Megan and Lorie sum it up: “We truly believe that good experiences only come with supported, innovative, invested, and dedicated franchisors like BirthdayPak. Owning a franchise under BirthdayPak allows us to be creative in how we grow our business but also allows us to lean on corporate for support and guidance.

BirthdayPak is a national brand as a direct result of our franchise owners going above and beyond, day after day, week after week. The outcome has a multiplier effect – franchise owners succeed and grow, we help small businesses bring in new customers, and most importantly, more than one million women receive special birthday wishes and celebrate life’s memorable moments. To learn more about this unique business opportunity, let’s connect or call us at 1-888-680-7554.

BirthdayPak Franchise Hot Spot: Boston, Massachusetts Business Opportunity

BirthdayPak Franchise Hot Spot: Boston, Massachusetts Business Opportunity

It’s the largest city in New England and one of the oldest cities in America. Vibrant, diverse and steeped in a rich history and culture. This city possesses top tier schools, innovative employers and cutting-edge medicine and technology. We’re talking about none other than Boston, Massachusetts! The metro area, home to nearly 5 million people, is the 10th most populous in the nation. Steady job growth and a high quality of life rank it among the best places to live and retire in the country, according to U.S. News & World Report. And wherever you go in the Boston metro area, dynamic dining experiences abound that reflect its unique culinary characteristics. These are just a few reasons this BirthdayPak franchise hot spot has great potential as a business opportunity.

Boston: A World-Class Culinary Destination

Boston is a prime location on the sea and close to local farms, giving way to a unique and sophisticated culinary landscape. While seafood is a staple, Boston’s diverse neighborhoods offer eclectic menus. In Boston, food is more than a social interaction, but an experience with market tours, wine tastings and cooking classes. Boston restaurants also brought big names from the celebrity chef world – Mario Batali, Michael Mina and Giovanna Huyke – and a host of James Beard award and reality show finalists. These are reasons Boston ranked #14 in Zagat’s 30 Most Exciting Food Cities in America in 2017.

Restaurants Are a Boon to the Massachusetts, Boston Metro Economies

Eating and drinking establishments in Massachusetts number nearly 16,000, and communities across the state benefit given the important role restaurants play in the economy. More than 349,000 food service jobs provide 9% of employment in the state and that’s expected to grow by 7.7% by 2029. Sales in Massachusetts’s restaurants were estimated at $18.7 billion in 2018. With 70% of Massachusetts population in the Boston metro area, this is a significant impact to the state and local economies.

Median Household Income Is Rising in Boston

The latest 2017 census estimate numbers show that the U.S. median household income is $61,372, a 1.8% increase over 2016. And the Boston metro area has a much higher median household income level at $85,691, which has been on an upward trend. Boston has the 3rd highest median household income level in the U.S. of the 25 most populous metro areas. The economic outlook for the Boston metro area is positive with sustainable growth projected in future years.

Growing household income usually means an increase in discretionary spending. This bodes well for the restaurant industry where baby boomers and millennials are spending a large portion of their food dollars, 40% and 44% respectively, on dining out.

 Is a Boston, Massachusetts Business Opportunity Right for You?

The strong and growing economy in an already prosperous area and a vibrant restaurant scene lay the foundation for a successful BirthdayPak franchise opportunity in Boston. BirthdayPak’s tasteful birthday gifting program for affluent women brings trackable marketing to the best restaurants and upscale businesses in the community. If you’re a sales-minded, aspiring entrepreneur in the Boston area, start the conversation and connect with us!

BirthdayPak Franchise Hot Spot: Atlanta, Georgia Business Opportunity

BirthdayPak Franchise Hot Spot: Atlanta, Georgia Business Opportunity

A new BirthdayPak hot spot is Atlanta, Georgia and it’s easy to see why. This vibrant and exciting city is the third fastest-growing metro area in the U.S. and home to 5.8 million people. It is expected to bump Philadelphia and assume the position of 8th largest metro area by 2022 (currently in 9th place). This city has many metrics trending in the right direction – population, job and household income growth, to name a few. Atlanta also has a buzzing foodie scene with diverse offerings that bring a distinct culinary experience. As restaurants are often the hub for celebrations, Atlanta’s reputation as a “foodie city” bodes well for a BirthdayPak business opportunity in this market.

Traditional Southern Food and So Much More

Atlanta transcends its southern fried food stereotype and has a diverse mix of globally influenced restaurants, reflecting this multicultural city. And it’s getting noticed and the recognition it deserves. CNN calls Atlanta the American South’s new foodie capital, it secured the 5th spot on Southern Living’s 2019 list (up 3 spots from its ranking in 2018) and Atlanta was named one of the most exciting food cities in the U.S. by Zagat in 2017. That same year, 15 James Beard semifinalists also hailed from Atlanta, rounding out its accolades.

This Southern capital has been referred to a culinary paradise with something for everyone. From fine dining to favorite local establishments, farm-to-table is a way of life and a constant source of inspiration. The restaurant scene focuses on sustainability, diversity and innovation to form a distinct culinary identity.

Restaurants Have a Significant Impact on the Georgia, Atlanta Metro Economies

With more than 18,000 establishments in Georgia, restaurants play an important role in the economy. More than 488,000 food service jobs provide 11% of employment in the state and that’s expected to grow by 14% by 2029. Sales in Georgia’s restaurants were estimated at $22.9 billion in 2018. These statistics are significant for the Atlanta metro area since it makes up 45% of the entire state’s population.

A Unique Franchise Opportunity Matches a Unique Food Scene in Atlanta

Are you looking for a business opportunity in Atlanta, Georgia that has incredible income potential? Bring BirthdayPak to Atlanta and be your own boss! The growing market helps set you up for success, as does BirthdayPak with a proven, one-of-a-kind business model. The Atlanta market has 20 mailing zones available. BirthdayPak can help highlight the many gems in Atlanta’s unique and diverse culinary space, driving ideal customers to celebrate life’s memorable moments.

If you are sales-focused, hardworking and have a strong network, you have many of the skills and traits needed for franchise success. To learn more, start with these 10 articles and see if you have the personality for franchise ownership. We invite you to start the conversation and schedule a call.

Franchise Ownership Provides Flexibility for Family Life

Franchise Ownership Provides Flexibility for Family Life

It can be difficult to find a career that provides flexibility during work hours to spend more time with children or care for aging parents. Difficult, but not impossible. If you’re dreaming of an opportunity that strikes an ideal work-life balance, franchise ownership at BirthdayPak can help make that dream a reality. As a franchise owner, you get the best of both worlds – professional fulfillment and the ability to build your schedule around your family. Our working parents discuss how franchise ownership provides flexibility and other benefits that improve family life.

You Set Your Priorities and Schedule

Establishing your priorities and working around them is a key benefit to franchise ownership at BirthdayPak. Because there are a host of reasons that your family needs you – kids get sick, parents need to be taken to appointments or you never want to miss another important life event again. However, more than half (56%) of working parents say it is difficult to balance the responsibilities of their job and that of their family. And nearly half (47%) are part of the “sandwich generation” – having a parent age 65 or older and still supporting a child.

As opposed to a conventional job, franchise ownership can provide personal freedom with hours that suit you and all the roles you need to fulfill in life. As an example, Lisa Linkowsky, BirthdayPak franchise owner of central New Jersey and Bucks County, says: “I am able to be mom as soon as the school bell rings for pick up, and then later that night I can assume my BirthdayPak role and plan out the next day or finish up from earlier in the day.” She values her flexible schedule to help her parents and in-laws as well.

Brandon Baltz, BirthdayPak franchise owner of Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio, also has a number of people who depend on him at all hours of the day. “I don’t miss games or practices anymore and can assist with the crazy schedules of having 6 kids and a grandchild. I have also been available to help with the appointments and care needs of my ailing mother-in-law as she battles terminal cancer,” he says.

You Have More Quality and Quantity of Time

Once a BirthdayPak market is built out, much of the franchise operations work can be completed remotely, so you can be available to your family when needed and get back to work wherever you have a Wi-Fi connection. This arrangement provides Brandon Baltz and his family more opportunity to travel. Working remotely also shaves off the 2- to 3-hour daily commute he had when working in corporate America. This means Brandon now has an extra 2-3 hours a day to spend quality time with his family, such as playing 9 holes with his youngest daughter.

You Model a Healthy Balance of Work and Family

By virtue of your children spending more time with you and observing business duties conducted at home, you can model the value of hard work and work-life balance when you own a franchise. And it can begin to inspire the many possibilities that lie ahead for their future career. “I’m proud to show my kids that people can build a profession for themselves. I love to talk work around them so that they can start to imagine what they might create for themselves one day,” said Betsy Pierre, BirthdayPak franchise owner of Minnesota.

 Become a BirthdayPak Franchise Owner

“When I became a BirthdayPak franchise owner, I was able to keep the flexibility, increase my schedule and maintain being a mom as a priority,” says Lisa Linkowsky.  “This is priceless!”.

Let’s face it – your personal life doesn’t happen conveniently outside of the 9-5 workday. Whatever your priorities, at BirthdayPak you have the freedom to set your own work hours so you can enjoy the flexibility you need for anything life brings. To find out how becoming a BirthdayPak franchise owner puts you in charge of your schedule, set up a call with us!